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   DESIGNER Jérémy Maxwell


Located right in the heart of Paris, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert Studio creates contemporary and exceptional works made of glass.


ust before blowing a work, the whole team is deep in concentration. Everyone knows what they have to do. Over and over again, they repeat the gestures and choreography that will need to be performed for two whole hours to create a Cloud, a Fog, a Winter Light, a Lune d’hiver or a Pilule, without any pause or discontinuity; there will hardly be enough time to catch their breath. Some of them warm up, preparing to subject their bodies to a great deal of strain, while others get the tools in place and start heating up the ends of the pipes, and still others check the temperature of the ovens and heat up the colors. Then the blowing of the work can begin.

Using a blowpipe, Jeremy carries out the first parsimonious gathering of the transparent molten glass. He blows the first air bubble into the glass. Then a whole burgeoning world starts to turn, and keeps turning until it finds its destiny. The blower continuously rotates the pipe, alternating between blowing and marbling, tirelessly shaping a “ball” of glass, mastering the forces that act upon it, remaining vigilant in order to anticipate its movements and reactions.

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